Preschool Assessments

October is a very busy time for us…

During this time, we are gearing up for fall and everything that comes along with it, including Fall Fun Fest! This time also leads right into Thanksgiving and being thankful and grateful. Before we know it, we are jumping into the winter celebrations of being kind to others and giving of ourselves. Ooh, and soon after comes our Winter Art Extravaganza!

I like to do assessments before all of this takes off. It’s a good time to see where we are in the classroom. We’ve had the time to get to know each other and know what is expected of us in the classroom. We’ve also made some good friends. It is my opinion that prior to this time, assessments can be skewed based on the stress of being in a new school or being surrounded by the many new faces of friends and teachers.

Now we all know each other and are in a very good routine!

It’s super important to know where you are before you map out where you’re going! Assessment time is a great time for my teachers to measure the effectiveness of what they’ve been teaching. Because, after all, everything we do is to prepare these kids for their next steps in their academic journey.

The Center Stage assessments are based on benchmarks in Virginia standards set by educators in our government and school systems. Like you, we don’t want to stress children out or make them feel like they’re being tested so we tried to do them in the midst of the day by observing as well as sitting down one-on-one with our teachers to play some games. There is no failing and there is no competition whatsoever.

The information we collect through assessments is incredibly valuable for parents

Assessments let parents know that we’re serious about education. It also informs parents of the expectations for children of this age. They also allow for children to be individuals; unique and successful in who they are rather than who we think they should be.

It is here that we can start seeing if there need be any other tools in our toolbox that would help our children be their very best unique self.

If there are any issues with a speech delay, for example, or a behavioral modification that needs to be looked at, it is in my opinion that preschool is one of the best environments to start looking at those options.

Early intervention is the absolute best approach during this incredible developmental stage. Research shows that we are hardwired to be who we are between the ages of 2 1/2 and 6 years old. That to me is an incredible statistic and puts a lot of responsibility on our shoulders as a preschool. We take that responsibility seriously and to Heart.

One of the best parts of my job…

It is one of the best parts of my job to see that my teachers are successful and that our children are growing. At Center Stage preschool we do development assessments the beginning of the year, mid-year, and at the end of the year. It’s a great way for us to track children’s progress as well as the effectiveness of our curriculum. I am so excited to review every single student’s achievements.

To put it simply- it is my goal to change this world 60 kids at a time. I want them to leave our school not only as good citizens but also as good students. To have good friends we need to learn how to be a good friend.

It helps if our children know how to write their name using capital and lowercase letters. It helps if they recognize sight words in our Print Rich Environment. They’re stronger individuals when they raise their hand and can wait to be called upon giving other people a chance to speak and have a voice in their presence. We are so affected by the people around us in preschool. We mold those people.

One last thought…

Most of what children learn is caught not taught. Our kids are watching us. They will collect their own data and do their own assessments as they decide who they’re going to be in this brave, amazing world. I sit back so proud to see the love the teachers give our students, and the love from parents allowing us to work together to create a safe space in school to explore who they are, learn their potential, and feel secure in growing into their own individual selves.

Thank you and talk soon!

Ms. Heather


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