Substituting in the Classroom

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Something wonderful happens when I get to substitute for one of my teachers. I have discovered that one of the perks of running a small preschool is I get to know everyone!  I love getting back into a classroom. It helps me serve my teachers and students better and !!!BONUS!!! I have the most amazing conversations with the kiddos. 💕

I regularly set snack and lunch dates with students. It’s a super special time. One friend opened up her snack bag and frowned at her fresh cut broccoli tops.  Knowing most children’s hatred for all things veg and green, I spoke up.

Me: “So you don’t like broccoli?” 🥦
Her: “No, I love broccoli, but I threw away my branch!” 
Me: “Branch?”
Her: “The white sauce, you know Branch Dressing! I threw it away this morning on
accident and now I have no Branch to dip in!” 

I couldn’t hide my smile. I will NEVER correct her! From that day forward we shall call it Branch Dressing at my house!

It’s precious moments like this you couldn’t buy with all the money in the world. Being in the classroom also helps me see things through the teacher’s eyes. Quite frankly it’s easy to give a directive from the office but it’s not always so easy to carry it out in the classroom. I want to know if what I’m asking is not only excellent but reasonable. This way, I get to find out firsthand.

As a Director, I absolutely need to take care of my staff. Our teachers are our greatest asset! Too much pressure from the top with the already heavy weight of teaching will crush even the best of educators! The only way to be of any use is to have boots on the ground. Substitute teaching allows me to do that.

All Directors will tell you, we need to be in the classrooms, in the office for parents, on the phones, conducting tours, educating staff, taking continuing education classes, writing blogs, fixing toilets, changing diapers, marketing, substituting, leading in conflict resolution, and  staying current and knowledgeable in all DSS/CDC/ HEALTH DEPARTMENT and FIRE regulations. Now on top of all that, add being mindful and respectful to all of our community members as we ensure safety, care and education to the most precious of tiny humans!! Sixty-four families EVERY DAY!! 

Not one person can do all of this. I need a strong team I can trust. You better believe I’m going to take care of my teachers!! So when I get to substitute, I’m walking in as a parent, educator, boss, sister, co-worker and friend! 

Warm Regards,  
Heather Carboneau