“Summeritis” Breakout At Our Ashburn Preschool!

Only Teachers Can Catch This Dreaded Disease!

Ask anyone in education and you will hear the same thing, “I can’t wait until summer vacation!” All the teachers I know work so hard and give over and beyond to their students all year long. These are courageous dedicated professionals who care deeply for their students. Especially our Ashburn Preschool teachers! That being said, there is also a teacher sickness I call “Summeritis”

Some of our wonderful Center Stage teachers!
Some of our wonderful Center Stage teachers!

Summeritis is a silent killer of passion, drive and positive attitudes. This deadly illness usually strikes unsuspecting teachers in early May but some extreme cases have been documented starting as early as February! You may not have heard of this dreaded disease but it is a real threat to the health and well being of our teaching professionals. As soon as the first real warm day hits and that teacher slides her pretty little toes into her summer flip-flops …. BAMM…. everything starts to spin!

Sign And Symtoms!

The teacher with Summeritis may experience symptoms like sluggishness, despair and a general overall

“icky” feeling. Our Ashburn preschool teachers begin to question all his/her life choices and may even feel corned or trapped. This dissolution may also lead to a short temper and in some cases an added shrillness to the voice. Please know that the effected teacher is generally unaware of the changes and may even start to believe the students are plotting a hostile take-over! The overwhelming feeling of “doneness” mixed with the spring fever excitement of the children can be a recipe for disaster.

Our little "Superstars"
Our little “Superstars”

You may ask yourself, “Ms. Heather, what do we do? How can we save our teachers as well as end the year on a positive exciting note?” You are asking the right person! You have come to the right place! I, Ms. Heather have the answer! (Wait for it) We give our teachers a much needed, much deserved break! It’s that simple! The summer countdown to break mixed with teacher appreciation day can help us all end strong.

Summer break at Ashburn preschool gives teachers a chance to rest, reflect and energize themselves for the next new curriculum year. It is my option that there is nothing worse than an overworked, burned out, bitter teacher! It’s awful for everyone involved. So, what do I do as a Director? Our Ashburn preschool is open year-round. There must be someone there to lead the children! Again, I have the answer!

SUMMER CAMP At Our Ashburn Preschool!!!

I hire exciting talented college students and older high schoolers to come in and give us a fresh injection of energy and positive attitudes. These young people have all their background checks and qualifications to work with children. My experience mixed with their enthusiasm makes for an amazing summer camp program!

I admit that it is quiet the task to staff, train, plan, and prep a whole new summer staff. But trust me, it is well worth the extra work! My awesome teachers get the break they need while I still have qualified talented young adults to lead the summer camp. For me it’s a win-win on all fronts. I get well rested, excited teachers in the fall. My teachers can’t wait to get back and start a new fabulous curriculum year!

I hope everyone has an exciting safe summer! Thank you for stopping by!

What a great way for your child to spend their summer! Meeting our summer camp teachers and making new friends! Find out more about our programs by scheduling a tour today. You can also visit our Facebook page to see what we are up to every week!



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