The Importance Of Changing A Child’s Environment

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Our School Is An Open Environment My staff and my team, we’ve been here all weekend, creating a whole new kind of Christmas holiday, winter, hibernation theme school. What I love about my school is that it’s an open environment. That’s what I mean when I say we’re a Montessori approach. We do a lot of traditional preschool activities, but … Read More

The Honesty And Hilarity Of Our Center Stage Students!

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Center Stage

We All Know Kids Say The Darnedest Things! Due to the fact that kids have little to no internal social filter in combination with their honest nature, they will say just about anything! Much to the surprise of our parent and Center Stage teachers! Whether the students are asking tough questions about life or just having a chat with their friends … Read More

Center Stage Summer Camp In Full Swing!

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Center Stage Summer Camp!

The First Week of Our Center Stage Summer Camp Is Off To a Great Start! All the Pirates and Prince/Princesses from Ashburn gathered together at Center Stage Preschool for the next two weeks of our Center Stage Summer Camp!  Over the last couple of months our summer camp teachers sat down together and planned out a whole summer full of fun … Read More