The Importance Of Changing A Child’s Environment

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Our School Is An Open Environment My staff and my team, we’ve been here all weekend, creating a whole new kind of Christmas holiday, winter, hibernation theme school. What I love about my school is that it’s an open environment. That’s what I mean when I say we’re a Montessori approach. We do a lot of traditional preschool activities, but … Read More

Career Day

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Center Stage

Play Pretend at Center Stage Ashburn! It’s an amazing thing to be able to put on a costume and become a different person for a while. Play pretend is very important at every stage of development. I want to focus on the three to six-year absorbent phase today. It happens to be my most favorite developmental phase! Learn more about … Read More

We Love Our Center Stage Preschool Teachers!

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The Five “C’s”! Hiring Teachers for Center Stage Preschool is a tricky business. So many factors come into play. My Boss and business mentor, Don Alley believes that prospective teachers may not just have the qualifications needed on paper, although that is very important. But they must also possess the three “C’s” of hiring. Competent Conscientious Chemistry As the director, … Read More

Google Review – We Love Hearing From Our Rock Star Parents!

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Montessori Preschool Ashburn

One of our rock star parents wrote a very sweet review on Google. We sincerely appreciate all these kind words! We are so thankful that our parents trust us with their precious little ones! Learn more about how we stay connected on a daily basis with our Montessori preschool, Ashburn parents! Our Rock Star Parents!  “Center Stage is led by Director … Read More