Yoga At Center Stage Preschool, Ashburn!

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Why Center Stage Preschool, Ashburn Incorporates Yoga Into Their Afternoon Program? It’s hard to be a kid today. Children live in a constantly moving world with many distractions, busy parents, overstimulation, school pressures, and competitive sports. We usually don’t think of these influences as stressful for our kids, but often they are. The busy pace of our children’s lives can … Read More

Making Jungle Slime at Our Ashburn Preschool!

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A place of “YES” let’s give it a try! There are so many fun and exciting ways of incorporating Sensory and Practical Life skills into any curriculum unit. At our Ashburn Preschool, we are firm believers in getting our hands messy. In a world, full of, “Don’t make a mess!”. I tend to want to buck the system and make … Read More

Sensory Learning Montessori Style: Weather and Seasons

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Child playing with sensory bottles

Sensory Preschool Montessori Style: Learning About the Seasons and Weather in Australia! While visiting Australia and some of the surrounding countries the children learned about the seasons and weather. Our amazing Ashburn Montessori preschool teachers came up with the most fun hands-on sensory activities! This way the children can explore and experience the different kinds of seasons and weather for themselves. … Read More

Taking Care of Our Environment!

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Three Main Areas of Practical Life Activities. The care of the self: dressing, brushing teeth, cooking, and so on. Grace and courtesy and concern for others: moving gracefully, using good manners, offering food, saying “please” and “thank you,” etc. Care of the environment: dusting, sweeping, washing, gardening. “All the activities connected with looking after yourself and your surroundings, such as … Read More