Asburn VA Preschool Explores Every Season in Fun Ways!

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Fall Fairy Table at Center Stage Preschool

Center Stage Preschool is an Ashburn preschool that finds a way to inject fun into every day! Cultivating a love of learning is what we strive for with every interaction. Our students love learning and exploring the different seasons. Learn how our teachers make it fun and creative.

Center Stage Preschool Library

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Learning at Center Stage!

Our Library! Reading is such an essential part of the curriculum here at Center Stage Preschool in Ashburn. Our library nook is one of our favorite places so far in our classroom. The library was created to make a very gentle, safe, & soft spot. It creates a quiet place for children to relax, be quiet. It can also be a … Read More

Center Stage Preschool Arts Studio

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Every Thursday, Center Stage Preschool brings you our arts segment. Center Stage Preschool is a fine and performing arts oriented, Montessori approach school. Today, we will explore our arts and crafts studio with preschool director, Heather Carboneau. Center Stage Preschool is so excited to have an auxiliary room that is completely focused on our fine arts program. Fine arts can … Read More

Montessori Cultural Preschool Curriculum

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Every Wednesday, Center Stage Preschool brings you our cultural segment. Today, we will be exploring our children’s passports with Heather Carboneau, the director at center stage preschool in Ashburn. Here at Center Stage Preschool, our children will be on a year long “staycation”. Each month, our school and teachers are are going to focus on a different culture and a … Read More

Montessori Life Skills At Center Stage

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Every Tuesday Center Stage Preschool brings you our Montessori life skills segment. Explore part of our practical life skillws curriculum with Heather Carboneau. Today we will focus on the life skill of simply sweeping, and using a dust pan and broom. Cleaning, sweeping, and dusting are activities that are extremely easy for adults. These activities come naturally to us, but … Read More