Camp-Learn-A-Lot at our Ashburn Preschool Classes!

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Camp-Learn-A-Lot at our Ashburn preschool Classes!

Camp-Learn-A-Lot at our Ashburn Preschool Classes! I would like to spend some time thinking and focusing on environment and how it effects our moods, perspective and overall demeanor. A huge part of what I do is taking care of our preschool’s prepared environment. It’s strange to think of the preschool building as being one of my very important staff members … Read More

Making Jungle Slime at Our Ashburn Preschool!

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Center Stage

A place of “YES” let’s give it a try! There are so many fun and exciting ways of incorporating Sensory and Practical Life skills into any curriculum unit. At our Ashburn Preschool, we are firm believers in getting our hands messy. In a world, full of, “Don’t make a mess!”. I tend to want to buck the system and make … Read More

Camp Learn A-Lot Summer Camp in Ashburn!

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Little Michaelangelo's

“Stay-cation” Summer Camp in Ashburn! Summer is such an exciting time of year! Everyone seems to relax a little more. Some of us have beach vacations to look forward too, picnics, pools, parks and family to visit. Summer is my most favorite time of year! My family has been heading to the same beach, same cottage and same family traditions … Read More

Career Day

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Center Stage

Play Pretend at Center Stage Ashburn! It’s an amazing thing to be able to put on a costume and become a different person for a while. Play pretend is very important at every stage of development. I want to focus on the three to six-year absorbent phase today. It happens to be my most favorite developmental phase! Learn more about … Read More

We Love Our Center Stage Preschool Teachers!

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The Five “C’s”! Hiring Teachers for Center Stage Preschool is a tricky business. So many factors come into play. My Boss and business mentor, Don Alley believes that prospective teachers may not just have the qualifications needed on paper, although that is very important. But they must also possess the three “C’s” of hiring. Competent Conscientious Chemistry As the director, … Read More