Center Stage Summer Camp In Full Swing!

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Center Stage Summer Camp!

The First Week of Our Center Stage Summer Camp Is Off To a Great Start! All the Pirates and Prince/Princesses from Ashburn gathered together at Center Stage Preschool for the next two weeks of our Center Stage Summer Camp!  Over the last couple of months our summer camp teachers sat down together and planned out a whole summer full of fun … Read More

“Summeritis” Breakout At Our Ashburn Preschool!

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Only Teachers Can Catch This Dreaded Disease! Ask anyone in education and you will hear the same thing, “I can’t wait until summer vacation!” All the teachers I know work so hard and give over and beyond to their students all year long. These are courageous dedicated professionals who care deeply for their students. Especially our Ashburn Preschool teachers! That … Read More

Center Stage Ashburn Summer Camp!

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Center Stage Preschool

Ashburn Summer Camp! School is coming to an end and summer is upon us! What do you do with your precious little ones, when you as parents do not get summers off? Well at Center Stage we offer a full day Summer Camp for those working parents who maybe need childcare during the summer months! Our full day Ashburn summer … Read More

Camp Learn A-Lot Summer Camp in Ashburn!

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Little Michaelangelo's

“Stay-cation” Summer Camp in Ashburn! Summer is such an exciting time of year! Everyone seems to relax a little more. Some of us have beach vacations to look forward too, picnics, pools, parks and family to visit. Summer is my most favorite time of year! My family has been heading to the same beach, same cottage and same family traditions … Read More