All Teachers are Heros

(As I sip my morning cup of coffee…)

Today I’m going to be talking about a subject that can be hard for some to hear but I feel like it needs to be said…

I was a teacher for many years. Now I am a director and before that I was a teacher assistant. It can be a difficult job but comes with many rewards. There are four things that every teacher dreams of:

  1. A supportive boss and leadership

  2. An endless supply of glue sticks

  3. Parents that care and support the teacher’s objectives for their children.

  4. A bottomless Starbucks Coffee Card!

So as we enter this new school year, I want everyone to remember that yes your child’s teacher may have been off for the summer but they have been working endlessly for this upcoming school year. They’ve been planning, organizing, attending continuing ed classes, buying new supplies, and preparing and a cool new room environment for their new class. That as well as studying their new students’ charts.

Why teachers are amazing…


Whether they’re at school or at home, teachers are always teaching, planning, and trying to find new ways to capture the imagination of our tiny friends! I know it’s been said before but teachers get paid the least and in my opinion, have the most important job in our children’s lives.

I’d like to give every parent some advice- No matter where your child goes to school, it would be nice if on the first day your child walked in with flowers and a coffee card, or Target card, or a dollar store gift card, just to show the appreciation for the work that they’ve done and continue to do on this ever-increasing difficult journey called Learning.

It’s my belief that if you want something done well and in a short amount of time, ask a teacher. They are some of the most scrappy, talented and hard-working people that I know of. I am super thankful for my staff. I always hope that I am a good listener and a great support to them. Parents, when you’re kind and supportive it makes their job so much more enjoyable. And that’s my two cents worth!

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