The “Thankful Tree”!

Sensory Play is an important part of learning in the 3 to 6 year age group.

Little Sponges!

Children from the ages three to six love exploring the world around them, and learn so much by doing just that! In our Ashburn preschool classes real and meaningful experiences are essential to a child’s learning process. Children at this age range are like “little sponges” Absorbing knowledge through observation and interaction with adults and peers. Children also use all of their senses to meet their social, emotional, and physical needs.

Zoology Center in Our Ashburn Preschool Classes!

Exploring Africa and the different animals that live their.
Exploring Africa and the different animals that live their.

Preschoolers enjoy learning about the world around them, especially the animal world. Even young children understand the idea of a home. They can extend this concept to understand how animals have different kinds of homes then we do, as well as the type of habitat in which they live. We incorporate various animals and their habitats from each of the countries that we visit each week.

Learning About Birds and Their Life Cycle!

This week in zoology, we discussed a variety of bird species. Where they live, and where they can be found, such as air, water, and flightless land birds. We discussed why birds belong to one of the five groups of vertebrates due to their feathers or life cycle. We also explored the life cycle of a chicken in an age-appropriate, but exciting way.

Building a Vocabulary!

Matching the upper case letter to it's lower case friend.
Matching the upper case letter to it’s lower case friend.

In our language center we continued to develop our letters and making words. We placed special focus on matching upper case and lower case letters, letter identification, beginning and ending sounds, and how to formulate the letters to write words. Each week we also incorporate words and the language from the country we are visiting that week. By connecting letters to something children already know surely helps the learning process. It’s an exciting way to start building a vocabulary of words. As we build on familiar letters we will move on to more challenging ones.

“Thankful Tree!”

To help to cultivate the idea of being thankful here at Center Stage, we
created a “thankful tree” sculpture. Each child took a turn to express what they are thankful for, and teachers helped them to write it down on a leaf that was hung on the tree of thanks. This was a fun activity that encouraged everyone to slow down and think about what they are grateful for, as well as build confidence and self-esteem in speaking in front of their fellow classmates.

Each child took a turn to express what they are thankful for.
Each child took a turn to express what they are thankful for.

Doesn’t this sound like a great way for your child to spend their day? Traveling to different countries each week and experiencing new things everyday? We think so too! Find out more about our Ashburn Preschool classes by scheduling a tour!

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