Our drama curriculum is comprised of over 500 theater games, workshops, warm-ups, pantomime, character building, stage direction, imagination building and one act plays. The opportunities are endless! There are so many stories to tell and ways to communicate them from stage. Every day will be different and your children will receive direction, affirmation and a sense of belonging in regards to their contribution to our program.


Your child will learn skills in socialization, self-confidence, team building and other important social skills which will benefit your child throughout the course of their lifetime. Many of our children today are attached to electronic devices, leaving them ill-equipped to form bonds and attachments to others. The skills that they will learn in our program will help them utilize conflict-resolution, empathic understanding, and acceptance of themselves and others in order to form healthy relationship attachments and self-esteem

What will my child learn through this program?


Showcase Performance

There will be a showcase performance and presentation at the end of every 8 weeks. This will be a community effort in which the children will have the opportunity to perform for their parents and peers. This will help give the children closure on one element of learning while bringing excitement about the next!

[pb_blockquote author=”Mimi”]Ms. Heather has a magic way with the kids. You can instantly see the enthusiasm of the kids as soon as she comes in. They want to give and do there best.[/pb_blockquote]

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