The X Factor And Center Stage, Ashburn!

Heather Carboneau, Our Center Stage Ashburn Director!

Heather Carboneau, Director of Center Stage Ashburn
Heather Carboneau, Director of Center Stage Ashburn

I wanted to make you aware of a rather rare, hidden gem here at Center Stage Ashburn. As you well know, Heather Carboneau, our director and co-founder, has put so much of her heart and soul into opening the school. Consequently making Center Stage, Ashburn a beautiful and incredible learning environment for your children. Many of you as parents also enjoys the rapport you share with her while dropping off or picking up your child every day. Heather has an amazing wealth of knowledge, a fantastic personality, a one-of-a-kind sense of humor. As a result, Heather has a knack for expressing empathy and understanding to you, your children and our staff on a day to day basis.

Finding The X Factor!!

Heather not only comes to us with more than enough education and requirements to run the school, but she also has an X factor. Many of you may not know, Heather’s husband is a counselor and is currently completing his Ph.D. in professional counseling. Throughout his time in school over the past 15 years, Heather has gleaned so much. She has done a lot of her own research into understanding people, parenting styles, attachment style, redirection, validation and how to connect with parents and children alike. This is Heather’s X factor! One of the things that makes her such an asset to our Center Stage, Ashburn school.

What Does the X Factor Have To Do With Growing And Moving Forward With Center Stage, Ashburn?

Don and Heather
Don and Heather

As we continue to grow and build more schools in the area, we will be committing to hire only the best directors for our schools. We will be looking for people with a background in counseling or social work. People who have not only the educational background, but also a high level of understanding of how to work with both children and parents successfully. Personally, I am incredibly excited about what Heather and I have been able to create and look forward to the growth ahead.

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